Copiers Northwest Has Gone to the Dogs

We’ve all read the research about the health and wellness benefits of having animals around and it’s no different at the office.

Check out this article by Fast Company “Pooch Power: What Dog-Friendly Workplaces Can Do For Your Business” where we meet Louie, an adorable yellow lab who teaches us a few things about how to work.

While you’re here, let me introduce you to our two regular canines. Meet Belle and Cocoa.

Belley Girl

Credit: Kelly Bailey

Belle is an 11-year-old Bassett Hound who has been coming to the office for nearly nine years. She belongs to our leasing manager but spends most of her time in the Controller’s office. Rumor  has it, he has roast beef.

Cocoa is a 12-year-old sweetheart and she has been roaming the accounting department almost eight years. She reaps the benefits of Belle’s begging.


Credit: Kelly Bailey

Both dogs bring a lot of joy to their coworkers and happily greet guests to the corporate office. We’re thankful to Mark and Gregg Petrie for allowing us to spend our day with such special creatures.

Cocoa and Belle

Cocoa and Belle get into the Halloween Spirit

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