The Zen of Fleet Management-Part Two

Part Two: Unraveling the mystery of printing costs

Forget about Bigfoot: today many organizations in the Pacific Northwest are encountering an even scarier phenomenon: hidden printing costs. How much scarier? According to the information technology analysts at Quocirca, a whopping 50% of all printing costs are hidden.[1] As a result of significant research on the topic, HP points to the following as the most likely sources of these mysterious expenses:

  •  Device proliferation

Best practices suggest that device consolidation should be considered whenever your user-to-device ratio falls below 10:1.

  •  Underutilization

InfoTrends’ research indicates that in many organizations, the utilization rates of equipment are half of the industry average.[2]

  •  Help Desk calls

An estimated 20 percent of all calls to IT help desks are printer related.[3]

  •  Energy consumption

According to Federal Energy Management Program data, the lifetime energy cost for a base model, 17-page-per-minute, networked laser printer is $110.07.[4]

Not to worry.  As we’ve discussed, fleet management combines the strategic business insight and innovative technologies it takes to put an end to these common and costly inefficiencies. Better still, fleet management highlights the choices, habits and ideas that make these problems so persistent and difficult to control. Give us a call at 866.692.0700 today to talk about to get started.

In our next blog we’ll look at some specific fleet management tools and how they get the job done.  For those who want to read ahead, you’ll find more information about fleet management tools on our website at Or call us at 866.692.0700 today to talk about your specific office printing challenges and how Copiers Northwest can help.


[1] “Improving IT Efficiency Through Effective Print Management,“ Louella Fernandes, Clive Longbottom, Quocirca Ltd, June 2010.

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[4] “How to Buy an Energy-Efficient Computer Printer,” U.S. Department of Energy, Federal Energy Management Program Fact Sheet, April 2006.

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