What is eCopy?

There is a new way to modify printed documents without needing to reprint or retype the entire document and it called eCopy. Keep reading to learn more about this revolutionary service.

  •  Combine Physical and Digital Copies

eCopy allows your company to combine printed documents and electronic documents for easy transition between the two. Send a printed document to the copier by converting it into an electronic document, and vice versa. These digital copies will make managed print services so much easier. 

  •  Discover the Benefits of eCopy

Get twice the work done in half the time with the help of eCopy. You can also more up-to-date records by retaining both paper and electronic copies of important documents. You won’t have to send every important paper to the printer since you will also have an electronic backup with eCopy. Not only will your business be more productive, but it will also be properly backed up in case of an emergency.

  •  Get Your Company Up to Speed

With technology constantly changing, it is important to equip your office with the latest and best advancements to stay on the cutting edge of business. Without the help of a great tool like eCopy, your business could be losing valuable time and money.

  • Practice Good Business Sense

eCopy makes it easy to manage your business from a different location and does not require any additional software setup. The ShareScan feature makes it easy to share information between employees, which means a more effective and efficient business that can accomplish more in less time.

Get eCopy with Copiers Northwest and start enjoying the benefits of a more productive business. Our professional copier services will keep your business ahead of the competition. Call our knowledgeable staff for all your printer and copier repair service needs today.

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