Factors to Consider Before Buying a Multifunction Printer for Your Business

If you’re looking to upgrade your business’ printer and copier technologies, then you may be tempted to buy a multifunction printer and copier for your office. Many business owners feel they need a printer and copier at their disposal 100% of the time, but buying may not be the best option.

  • Technology can be a huge liability for businesses, especially smaller businesses. Many companies find this out the hard way—after years of paying for extremely expensive equipment, many have turned to renting equipment to keep costs down. This is typically true for two main reasons: first, technology changes so fast that in order to stay ahead of tech-evolution, businesses would have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars every year to buy new hardware. Second, if you forego new computers to save money, you’ll likely experience breakdowns and hardware malfunctions on a regular basis.
  • Printers and copiers work much in the same way as computers. In today’s competitive and technologically advanced world, printer and copier manufacturers are constantly producing new products to make your work more efficient. However, this technology is expensive, can be costly to repair, and takes special skill to integrate with your current network.
  • That’s why managed print services provide businesses with an edge. Not only do they have access to the latest printing and copier technology, but they also offer guaranteed professional printer and copier repair services. This means businesses can have access to the best printers and copiers without needing to pay for replacement and services every few months. This solution is economical and produces high-quality printing results to better serve your customers.

If managed print services sound right for your business, then contact Copiers Northwest to learn more. We carry and service a large selection of copiers and printers to provide your business with high-quality printer and copier solutions. For more information, visit Copiers Northwest online or call (866) 692-0700.

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