Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Launch Cortana

Pressing Windows Key + C will launch Cortana into listening mode. You can say things like “Open Microsoft Word” or “Set a reminder” and Cortana will execute the specific command. Other miscellaneous commands such as “How old is Morgan Freeman?” can be asked and Cortana will execute an online search for you.

Windows Snapping


You are now able to assign app windows into quadrants and have up to four open on-screen simultaneously. There are four different keyboard shortcuts:

Windows Key + Up – snaps the active window to the top
Windows Key + Down – snaps the active window to the bottom
Windows Key + Right – snaps the active window to the right
Windows Key + Left – snaps the active window to the left

Virtual Desktops

Much like Apples ability to have multiple desktops open, Windows 10 has this option now also.

Windows Key + CTRL + D – create a new virtual desktop.
Windows Key + Tab – view all desktops

To see a much larger list of new Windows 10 shortcuts visit Redmond Pie


Is your business HIPAA compliant?

Is your business HIPAA compliant?

The information at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will provide you with accurate facts concerning the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. To be in compliance with HIPAA, a company is required to implement basic and advanced security measures, including data encryption, use of firewalls, antivirus software and digital signatures.

BluZEBRA Technologies provides companies with the most up-to-date services and offers HIPAA compliance implementation throughout the Pacific Northwest.
If you are unsure whether or not your business is HIPAA compliant, contact BluZEBRA Technologies for more information.

Or call them at 1-855-388-1600

Copiers Northwest New Website

Finally it’s here!!!
Come and check out our newly-redesigned website!
With many more options and better navigation than its predecessor, you will be thoroughly pleased with its fresh,
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Help Desk

Copier’s Northwest is dedicated to being there for all of your copier and printer needs. Customer satisfaction is critical to our success. We have technical support for our equipment and software solutions and are ready to help you solve any related issues.

Our expert team is dedicated to customer service and we can take your requests by phone, email and on the internet. If you have a question, we’ll be ready for it.  Choose a contact method that best suits your availability and we’ll do our best to get your printer and copier needs filled.

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Copiers Northwest and PrintReleaf

With the launch of Copiers Northwest’s PrintReleaf program coming soon, we sat down with PrintReleaf CEO Jordan Darragh to find out what he was all about!


Who are you and what does your company do?

I’m the founder and CEO for PrintReleaf. Our company provides a software platform that automates the measurement of paper consumption and, in turn, the equivalent reforestation back into the environment.

What inspired you to start PrintReleaf?

I had spent a decade in the print industry and about three years in clean tech energy development. I always wanted to start my own company and when I thought of the idea for PrintReleaf it seemed to be at the center of my passion and the knowledge I had gained over the years. So I decided to go for it.

How important do you think reducing our environmental impact really is?

Extremely important. Part of PrintReleaf’s mission is to provide education and information to our partners and their customers about WHY we need adopt products and services like PrintReleaf. For example, we’ve integrated our platform with Global Forest Watch – a platform which collects real time forest loss and gain data from satellites and streams it to applications like PrintReleaf. We then aim to develop reforestation projects where significant deforestation has occurred. Forest loss impacts so many things: carbon emissions (since carbon is stored in forests and when they are cut / harvested, the carbon is released into the atmosphere), in turn…we lose what was a sponge for sequestering carbon out of the atmosphere. Of course this segways into the conversation on global warming. Additionally, forest loss impacts water tables and water supply….which, in turn, negatively impacts the life connected to it (plant, animal and human). So it’s all interconnected and we’re looking to neutralize and reverse this trend. The world has lost billions of hectares (1 hectare = the size of a soccer field) over the last century due to deforestation from logging for forest products (wood/paper), urban development, and agricultural development.

Ultimately, I think reducing our environmental impact is really important because often our society only reacts when the problem and symptoms become acute and severe. It takes a long time, relatively, for our climate problems to mature…and therefore it will also take a long time to solve or reverse. We’re looking to head that off right now; shorten the duration for future generations.

Do you believe that there are reliable fuel alternatives besides fossil fuels that could sustain a modern society? If so, do you have any ideas as to what these alternatives could be?

Sure…of course solar and wind are growing in popularity and, as a result, finding lower prices ($/kWh) that approach parity with fossil fuels. One of the more the interesting developments in biofuels originates right in your backyard (Seattle): Vitruvian Energy. The founder, Zack McMurry, is a close family friend and he has spent years developing technology (now patented) to convert wastewater into biofuel – which can be used just like traditional gasoline (petroleum). But, we migrate from fossil fuel dependence and… the emissions are lower.

How do you see PrintReleaf evolving over the next 5 years?

We are primarily focused on developing our network of partners, like Copiers Northwest, in the office print vertical right now….both domestically and internationally. From there, we intend to move laterally to other vertical print markets: graphic / commercial printing, online / retail printing, and other forest/paper-based markets (office supply, packaging, etc.). At some point we want the term ‘releaf’ to be as ubiquitous as ‘recycle’.


Jordan Darrah’s Bio
jordanDarrahJordan founded PrintReleaf and serves as CEO. Jordan has spent the last two years laying the foundation to bring PrintReleaf to market with primary focus on product development, market development, forest capacity recruitment, and establishment of industry standards for forest certification and verification processes. Prior to founding PrintReleaf, Jordan was a Partner and VP of Sales & Marketing for LaserCycle Imaging for more than a decade. He was responsible for both top and bottom line performance and successfully positioned LaserCycle Imaging as one of the largest and most profitable Managed Print Services (MPS) companies in the Western Region of the country. Jordan also spent three years managing business development for EnerNOC, a leading public smart grid company (NASDAQ: ENOC), and was responsible for developing clean energy programs for utilities in the Western Region of the U.S. Jordan is a graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.


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Copiers Northwest on Youtube!

Did you know that Copiers Northwest has been around for 25+ years?  We’ve been helping businesses in the Northwest increase productivity and purchase reliable and affordable copy machines, printers and scanners for years.  We truly love the Pacific Northwest and the residents and do our best to find solutions to help businesses in the area grow.

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Document Management

Copiers Northwest can help your business with Document Management services that can help reduce your costs and protect our fragile environment.

Scanning, storage and retrieval systems can help reduce dependency on paper and cut your printing costs dramatically.

Our Document Management solutions help businesses in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest increase productivity, become more “green”, and improve customer service.

We provide a full range of scanning, storage and retrieval solutions. We partner up with companies like Microsoft SharePoint that complement our Subject Matter Experts.

Let us help you:

  • Get rid of off-site storage and filing cabinets
  • Increase employee productivity and reduce their dependence on paper
  • Automate processes and cut labor costs
  • Access your documents from anywhere (with internet access)
  • Minimize office printing, use less paper
  • Improve information security

Check out our Document Management page on our website to see who our current software partners are.

Tips for Managed Print Services Success

In this week’s Copiers Northwest Weekly, tips for Managed Print Services Success is discussed. Check out the full article here.

The 6 Tips discussed for maximizing the benefits for MPS (Managed Print Services) are:

  1. Think big, start small
  2. Conduct a full evaluation of the print infrastructure
  3. Evaluate the flexibility to add new services
  4. Leverage MFP (Multifunction Peripherals) Sophistication
  5. Ensure mature service level quality
  6. Continuous improvement

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Managed Print Services

Did you know that business spend an estimate 1-3% of their revenue on printing and copying? That small percentage can add up to a large number!

Managed Print Services can save businesses an average of 23%! It can help you figure out where your business is spending too much and strategize how you can reduce spend and increase productivity.

Do you want to know how much you are spending? Start with at DocuStudy with one of our Copier Northwest’s Managed Print Consultants today to see if you can save 13%-40%.

Measure what you want to improve. Begin with an analysis, create a strategy, end with controlled management.

Measure what you want to improve. Begin with an analysis, create a strategy, end with controlled management.